Wednesday, May 20, 2015

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Yes,there was a childhood..

          Mustard Sandwiches
          Bones and Pennies
          Spaghetti Sunday
          Monopoly and Batman
         An Attitude Adjustment

I was a bungling, fumbling boy scout

           ScoutHOOD #1
            ScoutHOOD #2           
            ScoutHOOD #3

I Found my true niche with BRLT
           My BRLT - The 70s
            My BRLT - 1980 - 2010

When WBRZ (Ch 2) was in its infancy I was there
           Shirley Temple
           WBRZ and the Mike Boom Era 

When GSRI (Gulf South Research Institute) was born and when it died,  I was there

            John Wayne 
             Louisiana's very own KING KONG
           Let's go "Joy-Flying"       
            The Pelican "Grief"

Development of the Motion Picture Industry in Louisiana   Click here for access

Stars, Stars and More Stars 

          Kim Novak
          Ralph Waite
          Carrol O'Conner
          Dennis Hopper
          Ed Asner 
          Bette Davis
          Clint Eastwood
          John Wayne
          Paul Newman
          Oliver Stone
          Cicely Tyson
          Orson Welles
          Jackie Gleason
          James Wong Howe
          Jean Trippenhorn
          Sam Shepard
          Yosemite Sam
          Rex Reed, et al          

Family and Lifestyle anecdotes

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