Saturday, September 7, 2013


 An anniversary will soon be upon us .. not one that we will commemorate, but one that we will greet with loathing and disgust.

Who will ever forget that beautiful Tuesday morning -- September 11 2001?   I know I won't.

I was enroute to work while tuned in to WJBO's morning anchors Kevin Meeks and Matt Kennedy.   Kevin reported that a small plane had just crashed into one of the World Trade Center towers.   After a few minutes of discussion Matt then reported that another plane had crashed into the other tower.   Kevin said “these are no accidents.”  How right he was.

When I got to work televisions were ablaze in most of the offices.   Staff members were silently keeping vigil.  No one spoke a word.  No one could believe what was happening.  

News reports expanded to include the Pentagon and the Pennsylvania crashes.  More disbelief.   Then it was reported that one of our newest staff members was on her cellphone speaking to her husband who was in the top floor restaurant of one of the towers.  He told her he loved her, then said he had to find a way out.  She would never see or hear from him again.  A few days later she would be interviewed by NBC Television.

As national news media throughout all networks frantically dealt with this enormous evil event, citizens of the world's greatest superpower would be paralyzed with collective shock and horror.    Who could be so deranged and audacious as to attack the world’s superpower knowing that reprisals would be swift and harsh. 

And indeed we all came together with one United Front.  Stars and stripes began appearing on buildings, at homes, on cars.  In spite of our many social, religious and political differences, we would ALL ban together as one….
… service now to a new cause…

….that of defending our great homeland.

While we vow to never forget this evil deed,  we must be even more resolute in dealing with its implied future threats -- terrorism and the evil intentions of others.   The only forces that can succeed in confronting these threats are GOODNESS and VIRTUE provided these forces are WELL-armed.  

AND … we must NEVER FORGET what our enemies are capable of.

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