Friday, May 11, 2012

Rex Reed

I've often been asked who I've worked with in films. 
The following format I got from my long time friend and internationally recognized film critic, Rex Reed.


Took Bette Davis to the nuthouse
Betrayed William Holden
Ratted on Richard Widmark
Nearly killed Ken Scott
 Joked with Raymond Burr
Swapped theater stories with Joan Bennett
Ate watermelon with Otto Preminger
 Instructed John Wayne
Checked Jane Fonda’s heartbeat
Tended Michael Caine’s young son
Opened the gate for Cicely Tyson
Partied with Clint Eastwood
Swapped theater stories with Geraldine Page
Cursed Kurt Russell
Partied with Ned Beatty
Argued with Ed Asner
Gave orders to Tom Selleck
Chastised Ken Howard
Coached Bubba Smith
Coached Dick Butkus
Took orders from Harry Morgan
Argued with Charles Napier
Ministered to Pernell Roberts
 Chatted with Leslie Ann Warren
Married Meredith Baxter
Argued with Ralph Waite
 Loaned money to Margot Kidder
Fathered Judith Ivey
Discouraged Carroll O’Conner
Commiserated with Farrah Fawcett
Photographed Paul Newman
Sentenced Dennis Hopper
Chastised Melissa Gilbert
Supervised Gerald McRaney
Insulted John Goodman
 Treated Alec Baldwin
Indulged Larry Hagman’s daughter
Supervised Stephanie Zimbalist
Instructed Billy Bob Thornton
Challenged Scott Glenn
Insulted Rob Lowe
Praised Sam Shepard
Warned Susan Sarandon
Intimidated Judd Nelson
Respected Gigi Edgley
Frightened Jewel Staite
Hassled Jason Lee
Gossiped about Treat Williams
Conveyed bad news to Kathy Bates
Was intimidated by Michael Chiklis
Examined Angela Bassett
Chastised  Janeane Garofalo
Served turkey to Alan Thicke

It took over 55 years to garner all these cinematic "relationships".

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