Thursday, May 10, 2012

ESSO and the Whisk Broom

My late friend, Marzelle Braud, swore this really happened. The real names of the 2 gentlemen in this story I have long forgotten. The names I am using are not their real names.

Some of you may remember when Exxon was ESSO. About 50+ years ago an ESSO station was situated in a road-intersection wedge bordered by N. 22nd St. and Plank Rd. Today it is a SHELL Station.

When it was ESSO, the owner was a gentleman named Horace. Horace had a faithful employee named Henry who loved using the new vacuum system that Mr. Horace had purchased for the station. Back then your gas was pumped by an attendant who also cleaned your windshield, aired up your tires, checked your hood and, if requested, would vacuum your car, which Henry loved to do.

On one occasion a lady drove in to get gas. Henry set the pump on automatic and began cleaning her windshield. She asked if they had a whisk broom to which Henry replied: “No ma’am, but I can suck it out”.  To Henry's great shock the lady angrily started her car and drove out of the station, oblivious of the pump hose snapping out of her tank and bouncing on the pavement. The look on Henry’s face said “Why is she so mad?” Upon seeing this, Horace asked Henry what happened. Henry told him, then Horace ran to her car which was waiting for the traffic to clear. Her window was open and he asked what her problem was. Henry, quite puzzled, was observing his boss’ inquiry from a distance. He then saw Mr. Horace begin to convulsively laugh while bounding over to him saying “Henry, she didn’t ask if we had a whisk broom, she asked if we had a restroom.” 


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  2. It really does take all kinds, doesn't it? :D