Friday, January 27, 2017


In September of 2016 Gloria and I enjoyed a weekend together in Shreveport as guests of the LAFP (Louisiana Film Prize).  I had had the good fortune of being cast in a leading role for a LAFP short film project entitled "Memorial Drive".  Expertly and artistically directed by Austin Alward, Gloria and I both agreed that we will be seeing more film productions from Austin.  He is a true, young genius.

Anyhow, about 2 weeks after LAFP I read for a major supporting role for a major feature film, but when I got a call-back I was suffering from Laryngitis and had to decline.  A few days later my agent called me back and said that the director still wanted to see me, but my voice was not back.  My loss.  

Then some 3-4 days after that loss my friend Larry Hubbard called and told me about a project that he thought I'd enjoy being a part of.  Because my voice was still a little shaky I told Larry about my bout with Laryngitis.  He said he would have the producer call me.  The following day I got a call from Marc Goldstein, President of Creative Video Productions, Inc.  He wanted to hear my voice and I told him I was just now recovering from a week-long bout of laryngidis.  He said "no problem.  I'll send you a script.  Read it then call me in a day or two and we can arrange a work date."  

I gave him my email, got the script, familiarized myself with it, called him, we agreed on a fee and we set a date. 

On the appointed date Larry was also there (serving as technical  consultant) and we ran the narration.  In the course of our session I was made aware that this script was based on a book written by my long ago friend, Louisiana historian William (Billy) Spedale who himself appears briefly at the beginning of the documentary and who told Marc that he was happy that I was going to be doing the narration. 

Marc had written this documentary script based on Billy's book entitled "The Heroes of Harding Field".  This documentary would be appearing in kiosks at the Baton Rouge Metropolitan Airport as well as other venues, i.e. libraries, museums, etc.  Since this was for public domaine, Marc said he had no problem with my posting it on Facebook.

For those of you who might enjoy learning of the Airport's history, I am sure you will enjoy this documentary......

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